PlayStation Plus Quick Thoughts September

PlayStation Plus QUICK THOUGHTS: September 2015 (WIP)


Xeodrifter doesn’t attempt to fool anyone. If you are capable of viewing this as anything other than a Metroid inspired indie title then you probably need your eyes checked. While there are a ton of those out there Xeodrifter finds a way get a couple of notches ahead lot of the pack.

Through one hour of play I can confirm the game is as difficult as you would want out of this sort of experience. The pixel art is nice. You aren’t going to be left with your jaw dropped or anything but it isn’t ugly so that’s a solid push. You can tell what they wanted the game to look like and they nailed it. It just so happens that Xeodrifter is missing that extra pep that makes it stand out. During my brief time the game kept including new wrinkles. You have the ability to upgrade your blaster which saves you from the painfully slow shooting to start. I also managed to either jump into a submarine or turn into one. Couldn’t quite figure out which was happening. It is something but not entirely exciting.

Will I play more?

Probably not. The game is fun but it is missing that hook for me. Enemies dropping nothing makes my heart sink. I have low self-esteem. Positive reinforcement is an absolute must. If you are a fan of this type of game I think you’ll enjoy it and squeeze those 4-6 hours out of it while feeling wholly satisfied. For me though, it just wasn’t quite there.

Grow Home

Not too many experiences have filled me with as much pure joy than riding a plant stem into the side of gooey rock. Grow Home is in my life and I think things are better for it. Admittedly I think my experience/personality have led to a different conclusion on the game than others. First though, lemme explain what the game is roughly. You are a robot that needs to get back to your homebase in the sky. You need to help grow this giant plant that you ride into rocks oozing with some sort of power goo. That goo helps the root plant grow. That’s the quick and dirty. I’ve often seen Grow Home described as this peaceful retreat from the games that seem destined to cover you in darkness from the tone to the dark brownish color pallet. While the game is beautiful in its simplicity in both respects, tone and color, it is those moments that I find myself clinging for dear life hoping I don’t fall which make the game what it is for me. If you want to treat the game as a relaxing vacation from the perils of the world, more power to you. The game absolutely works that way. If you are an impatient son of gun, such as myself, it is the moments where you test how much space you can make up in a single attempt that fills you with joy. There are portals spread throughout the game which you use to move up and down the vertical map that can make the decision to take certain leaps a bit easier but not knowing when the next one will come can make you think twice about the entire situation. Exploring when you land on a platform big or small is half the fun. Whether there are collectible crystals or hidden caves.

Will I play more?

Will and have. This was the first PlayStation Plus game that was voted into the position and it totally earned it. Honestly, I didn’t vote for the game even if I knew it’d probably win. It really didn’t sound like something up my alley. Calm and relaxing isn’t my type of game. Boy am I glad I was so wrong.



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