Sony E3 Press Conference 2015

Sony E3 Press Conference Highlights

With posts on Nintendo World Championships and the Microsoft press conference we have covered my highlights from the biggest events from two of the Big Three so lets cap it off with Sony. After Microsoft’s press conference, Sony was really behind the 8-ball. Sony needed to bring out the big guns and boy did they.


Imagine starting your press conference with a game that people literally did not think would ever see the light of day, let alone was still in development. This is as gutsy a move you can do as far as E3 goes. What can top it? As with all Team Ico games, the thing is beautiful. Oh, yeah, GAMEPLAY! It doesn’t come across like this revolutionary video game but yet another piece of art from Team Ico. Within just a few short minutes they managed to send us through a bevy of emotions.


The rumored new IP from Guerrilla Games debuted and WOW! If you have played Killzone then you know that Guerrilla producing a beautiful game is far from shocking. Even considering that though I was absolutely floored by what we saw. Horizon: Zero Dawn e is essentially this tribal woman fighting giant robot dinosaurs with her bow and arrow. There is a massive sense of scale to the environment and the dinosaurs. There is an epic battle with this giant almost t-rex modeled robot. She even takes a gun off the dinosaur and uses it to blast away at the mechanical monster. The design was gorgeous and the combat looks like it could satisfyingly deep. I believe the game will more or less be an open world-RPG sorta thing. This is a new IP that we got what we have to believe is actual gameplay. HUGE showing from Guerrilla and Sony.


Sony wouldn’t let the hits stop coming. Final Fantasy VII: Remake will come first to Playstation 4. All we got was a CGI trailer but whatevs! I remember as a young Sam watching my brother play the Final Fantasy games and this will most likely be the Final Fantasy I submerge myself in. We are probably years out but BOY is this exciting news.


Very important! Vita is not dead! Not only did Square announce World of Final Fantasy at this conference, they also announced it will be for the Vita. Probably hurting myself by hoping for cross-buy but this would be a great game for it. Vita also was shown during their ending highlight package. I don’t care if it is just the system that gets lower tech PS4 games. I just want the thing to still get content at this point.

For some reason I was totally not sold on Uncharted surprising me. Leave it to Naughty Dog to blow me away where I sat. We get Nathan Drake and Sully in a gun fight to start and then we get to the MEAT of a jeep chase. The jeep chase feels totally Uncharted. Uncharted isn’t this super dark, super serious game. Naughty Dog has made that game and it was great. Uncharted is this fun, adventure romp. Jeep chases through fruit stands is a welcomed trope. The chase also demonstrated the incredible vastness of this game. The segment just kept going and going…and going. This big world isn’t something you associate Uncharted with but that isn’t to say I’m not going to welcome it. Really excited to see how much of the game is like that, open world-ish, or if that was just a great demo bit.

Where Microsoft had this rad, well rounded press conference, Sony ripped the games from your dreams and put them on stage. This is including Shenmue 3’s Kickstarter announcement which I didn’t even include. The issue is, these games aren’t coming out soon even if I’m really looking forward to them.

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