Below Average Nerds E3 2015 Schedule!

Hey nerds! Sam, typing to you right now, and Tanner are going all crazy like for this lovely thing known as E3. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is kinda like Christmas if your parents told you cool gifts you would be getting from between four months and three years. This week we will be pumping out podcasts, news bites that get us excited, and some live tweeting from the Below Average Nerds Twitter handle (@belowavgnerds) of a few conferences. Check out Below Average Nerds on Spreaker for all the podcasts, FIRST! So here is the Below Average Nerds E3 Schedule!


Pre-E3 Podcast


Live Tweeting of Bethesda Press Conference (Sam)


Recap Podcast on Bethesda Press Conference and Nintendo World Championship

Live Tweeting of EA Press Conference (Tanner)

Live Tweeting of Ubisoft Press Conference (Sam)


Recap Podcast on on Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony Press Conferences

Live Tweeting of the Square Enix Press Conference


Recap Podcast on Nintendo and Square Enix Press Conferences and the PC Gaming Show


E3 Wrap-Up Podcast with our E3 Awards and our favorite moments from the week dedicated to the video games


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