PlayStation Vita Legacy

Vita’s Legacy With Me

Vita, I still love you. The joy you have given to me over the years is nearly unparalleled. A little over a week ago a muddied message started entering news streams saying that the Vita had become a legacy console. This meant that the system was officially considered to not be in widespread use like the PS2 and PSP. The message would get clarified to only consider previous models of the Vita as legacies. Though, is there really much of a difference? The Vita is an exceptional handheld but it isn’t exactly moving units by the truckload these days. I could wait for Sony to tell me the console is officially being only “kinda” supported but why wait? They might as well have just rolled with the mistimed message. So this is what Vita’s legacy is with me:


Okay, maybe this is part of the problem but a lot of the best Vita games have come out for free through PlayStation Plus. And to be honest, I don’t mind that one bit. Really, that is probably what has kept me playing the portable system. Out of the box, through PlayStation Plus which I already had,  I got Gravity Rush and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The two games that I was most interested in on the console were delivered to me on a silver platter. Sure, I had to invest in the stupid memory that cost far too much but I say it was worth it. Oh, I also got WipEout 2048 and Final Fantasy Tactics, so yeah it was a pretty good starter pack. And now this trend keeps going. Indie games are being released for PlayStation systems for free on occasion through Plus. And those games are ending up on the PS4 and, you got it, the Vita. Maybe the games aren’t exclusive to the handheld but sometimes that is the preferred system for them.


Oh sure, maybe you aren’t getting the most wild and graphically intense games imaginable. It is the double edged sword of Vita not having many true “Vita experiences”, especially anymore. Because of this, a lot of games come from the PS4 or PS3 and get ported to the system. For a while this was bothersome. I didn’t buy this handheld to play games that I can play on my TV. I bought it to play neat games like Gravity Rush or Uncharted: Golden Abyss because those were Vita experiences. That thought process has changed dramatically for me and that has a lot to do with accepting the joy of cross-save into my life. Taking Binding of Isaac: Rebirth or Rogue Legacy wherever I go and pick up wherever I left off no matter if I was playing it on a bench or my couch changed the way I play. It is a lot easier to become addicted to a game when you don’t have to have separation from it. And I’m crazy enough to be alright with that.


This is the real personal Vita legacy with me. The Vita helped me lose 25 lbs. They say you aren’t supposed to be doing anything when using a machine at a gym. They say you should be focusing on the workout. I say, horse pucky. Sometimes you need a distraction. The Vita supplied just that so I didn’t have to focus on being on the elliptical for 40 minutes but instead focus on the platforming in Rayman. Going to the gym every other day and putting some time into the Vita and an elliptical came habitual. Having been, probably still am, overweight for most of my life, finally finding something to make working out feel like less of uphill climb the Vita has made it actually kinda pleasurable. Without the Vita I am honestly unsure if I would feel as good as I do now.

So there we go, that is what I’ll remember my little white portable for. Thanks for reading and hope you follow us at @BelowAvgNerds on Twitter.


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