Rocket League Has a New Trailer!

Rocket League!!! Today Psyonix released a new trailer for the “physics-based multiplayer-focused” game of toy cars meets soccer and boy is it a doozy.

The trailer shows you all the crazy action we have been looking forward to from the game. The trailer does a good job showing off all the fantastic looking arenas to play. Absolutely stoked to see they each play. Oh, plus they look gorgeous. The game even has splitscreen for up to four players! This feels like the type of game we remember where it was designed for fun with friends whether they be on the couch or across the country. There is going to be PC/PS4 cross-play which is fantastic. Being able to combine all the pools of players gives the players more freedom to purchase the game where they wish. They don’t have to worry about buying it for the system their friend has, just buy the thing and start slamming into a big, shiny ball with your pals.

The trailer ends with an OMG moment for this fella with the announcement of PS4 exclusive Sweet Tooth vehicle. It just makes absolute sense. A game series based around destroying each other’s vehicles invading a game where you can blast your opponents into dust by driving into them fast enough.

WATCH THIS TRAILER! The game looks incredible, plus they have announced or reconfirmed:

Great price and can’t wait for July.



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