Amiibo Scenario: What’s Next?

What started it all

 If you have not heard about the SMASH hit of amiibo by now, then how the hell did you find this? Seriously though, amiibo are currently sweeping not only the gaming community, but the figure collecting community off of their feet. So my question is simple, what is next? From a gamer perspective, these little figures have yet to do much besides give me outfits in Mario Kart 8, and at $12.99 a pop surely someone is trying to figure something else to do with them. I think one thing is quite obvious, so let’s get into it.

The most unique amiibo so far

 Nintendo has to be working on a Disney Infinity type game using the amiibo, all the pieces of the puzzle are there, so what’s the hold up? Personally, I believe that Nintendo is holding out on something like this for their next console, called around here the NX. Now, I have been wrong about these things in the past, but the amount of money that the company could make is nearly limitless. Not only do you have fifty-eight amiibo either out or scheduled to come out this year, the Animal Crossing amiibo cards is only the tip of the iceberg for a much cheaper solution.

Most people can’t afford the money to grab a new figure every time a new wave pops up, not to mention the fact that they are nearly impossible to get without a pre order (Toad still eludes me, BUT ONE DAY!). Not only could these add main characters whose figures are a pain in the ass to find, such as Marth, Toad, Ness, etc, but you could also have support characters in the form of villager’ from Animal Crossing and you could add weapons/power-ups to the game (if the game called for them) such as anything from the Mario Universe, Master Sword, the possibilities are truly endless.

Just imagine a game with all of Nintendo’s trademark characters as well as some surprises/guests and it is pretty much open to do whatever. Of course there are enemies and a “linear” story but for the most part you can pop it in, throw down your King Dedede amiibo and go to town.  There are so many ways they could go with a game like this it would be injustice to only write about a few of them, so that is a piece for a later date and time.

What’s Next?

To wrap up, I think Nintendo would be clueless (which honestly would not surprise me given some of their policies) if they did not capitalize on this potential goldmine for amiibo, why stop making money when you are sitting on that much potential profit? This game could be years into the future, or we will be talking about it in two weeks when Nintendo announces it at E3, the company is very good about have an ace up their sleeve. Thank you everyone for reading and as always, have a nice day!


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