Why Smite’s Season Ticket is Genius

Smite is  relatively new to the world of competitive MOBAs, and while games such as League of Legends and DOTA 2 have the bigger followings, Smite is doing something so simple and yet so damn effective it is mind boggling to think that they thought of this concept first. Now you may be asking yourself, “Tanner, exactly what the hell is the Smite Season Ticket?” Well I am glad you asked, because my mission today is to explain exactly what it is, how it works and how it is different, so let’s get to it.

What is the Smite Season Ticket?


Smite’s Season Ticket is basically your ticket to finally play eSports pick ’em without the thought of losing serious cash on them (Besides the 400 gem/$8 price of the actual ticket), which is fun. The whole point of the thing is to raise money for The SWC (Smite World Championships, held it Georgia of ALL THE PLACES IN THE WORLD) and to reward the player for being really cool. The only thing that has any monetary value is the actual ticket, and just from buying that you get 2 skins of a pretty good God (I am a decent Xbalanque I guess) and a bracket saying, “YO I SPENT $8 ON THE SEASON TICKET YOUR TURN!” and boom more ticket sales it is actually near diabolical levels of genius that I can appreciate on every single level.

How does the Smite Season Ticket work? (With last year’s info graph)


How it works will come simply to those of you that have ever watched any kind of sport ever in the history of your existence. The closest thing I can think of comparing it to is ESPN’s College Football Bowl Pick ‘Em, which simplified even more means there is no penalty for picking the losing team, but if you select the winning team, you are rewarded with 20 Fantasy Points, which add up and unlocks cool exclusive prizes at certain caps (1000 and 3000 are currently it considering games just started last week). “Wow Tanner, that means I have to pick 50 games correctly just to get the first unlock?” Nope, see, even though the Smite Pro League Pick ‘Em is the easiest way to obtain Fantasy Points, you can also earn 15 Fantasy Points for each win you get in any game type (Joust, Arena, Assault, etc). Hi-Rez is really cool in the fact that A.) People couldn’t pick any thing to save their life’s and B.) Some people are not the best at the game and getting wins is WAY easier said to done.

How is the Smite Season Ticket different?


Now,  I figure you are asking, “Ok Tanner, cool concept, but how is this different than DOTA 2’s International Compendium, which also goes into a large prize pool as well as reward the players giving to is?” Good, specific question because I was getting ready to type the EXACT ANSWER! See, eSports betting is actually getting very popular now, way more popular than even I would have thought it could be. Now you have the guys that bet on real sports on sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel betting on these smaller, independently owned websites just to place a few bucks on Team Solo Mid, Cloud 9 or some other team. Why does this matter? This matters because this shows that Hi-Rez is ahead of the game in terms of allowing people to “bet” on the team they win in the form of Fantasy Points on the line! What is to say this doesn’t lead to Smite allowing players to bet gems (in game currency) on games in the near future, they would practically print money! The fact that Hi-Rez thought of this before the masterminds at Riot Games and Valve is truly astounding.


Overall, I applaud Hi-Rez and whoever it was that came up with this idea. Not only will it help Smite become a more prominent player in the world of competitive MOBAs, but will also perhaps lead to more mainstream exposure (minus the bitching about Heroes of the Storm being on ESPN2 on a Sunday night) which only means more PROFIT! More profit equals more fun things like this whole Season Ticket thing which just leads to a better experience. Hopefully this leads to bigger and better things for Smite and Hi-Rez as a whole, but in the meantime I’ll continue changing my picks leading up to this week’s games!


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